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What is called heat plastisol printing ink?


PLASTISOL is a new generation of textile printing inks, because  it has many advantages,  in abroad it’s already largely replaced the traditional printing materials. In addition to some customers have specify requirements need use mortar, water slurry doing process, majority of printing companies have learned and extensive use plastisol ink to process high-precision products.

Plastisol inks are generally made by PVC resin, plasticizer, pigments and additives,the solids content get to 100%. Usually PVC particles dispersed in the plasticizer, when heated, the resin absorbs plasticizer.Happen cross-linking reaction and curing, forming a PVC film on the fabric surface, while firmly bonded with fiber molecules.

Pigment is a highly concentrated pasty pigment,which determines ink color and hiding power. It can be used to colorize and enhance primary color density.

Auxiliaries are mainly have stabilizers, foaming agents, softeners, group transfer agents, thinners and so on. In general, heat plastisol ink has the following characteristics:
1. Eco-friendly
Plastisol ink don't contain solvent, odor is small, non-irritating, safer for operators .
100% solids content, fully curing during heating, no harmful gas volatilization.

For ink environmental standards,varies by country and region, one of the most stringent requirements in Europe, but don't contain phthalates (normally orders are N0N-PHTALATE) and don't contain PVC (usually orders are stated as PVC-FREE). The ink has been successfully developed.

2. Easy to use and storage

Due to plastisol ink don’t contain solvents, volatile at room temperature is minimal, when heating to a certain temperature then happen crosslinking reaction and curing, so at the room temperature won’t dry, which brings a great convenience to the ink use and storage.

3. Printing effect is good

Plastisol ink printing fineness level, many other printing materials can not be achieved, in addition to high printing accuracy,plastisol ink printed products have a high  elasticity,adhesion fastness can up to wet cleaning 5 level, dry rub can get  above 4 level. Washable, lightfast, long service life. In addition also has not plug net characteristics, usually a short shutdown time without washing plate, printing outlets can be "wet set wet " continuous printing, improve work efficiency.

4. Cheap price, wide uses range
Plastisol ink amount is only half of the UV screen printing ink, the amount use is less than 1/3 ~ 1/2 compared with glue, no waste. Can be used for dark, light-colored fabrics, cotton, linen and other natural fiber fabrics, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabric printing, such as T-shirts, sportswear, jeans series, casual clothes and so on.
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